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Greetings, Humans! Welcome to another yet another exciting, news filled post. We've been waiting to fill you in all week, and I couldn't be more ecstatic to be writing this. Let me just start by saying THANK YOU for all of your love and support. There's truly nothing more heart warming than seeing all of YOU so thrilled to share your pictures, reviews and ideas for Panda Brand. We grow only through you. <3


Introducing Customer Accounts! We've incorporated customer accounts into our site, to make your checkout experience much easier. All you do is find the adorable little human icon next to your cart, and go from there. This feature is super neat, because you make an account with us, becoming one with the panda.


Meet Sprout! This smol bear will be helping us around the site! So be sure to keep an eye out for him!

Here's some pretty exciting news for our fam outside of the US: International shipping has been reduced by $5!! We all know how pricey it is to ship internationally, so this is our little gift to you. 


Our Fam Jovont'a Pimpleton went above and beyond this week to bring you a warmhearted bamboo shoot from Maryland!


Name: Jovont'a Pimpleton

What's your career?: Full-time student at Montgomery College.

What's your passion in life?: Foreign languages! In my free time, I like to learn new languages, expand my vocabulary, and strengthen my reading and writing skills. Arabic has been the most challenging so far. Learning the alphabet, pronunciation, and how to read and write from right to left were very difficult. Practice, practice, practice!

What did you want to be growing up?: I wanted to be a zookeeper, airplane pilot, astronaut, chef... The list goes on and on.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?: I see myself with a bachelor's degree in legal studies, working in a law firm as a paralegal. Then furthering my education and going to law school to become an attorney.

What's your favorite natural setting?: Woodland. Surrounded by all of the trees, fresh air... Exploring this setting calms me and relieves stress.

What's your favorite animal?: Caracal.

It's a Saturday morning and you're about to have a lit day. What do you wear?: Graphic tee and denim jeans.

What are your thoughts on Panda Brand?: Pure genius! I love the designs and I would have never known that bamboo fabric was this comfortable. Also, I love that a percentage of each item sold goes towards a great cause!

Short message to your audience. : Support Panda Brand! Join the family! Support a cause!


Don't Blink will be capturing some great shots with the fam in the upcoming weeks. They'll also be putting together a highly anticipated shoot, coming this winter! They've got some pretty quality content, folks! Feel free to check them out here.

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