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Greetings, Humans! I know what you're thinking. "Wow, dusting off the old blog huh?" I KNOW ITS BEEN A WHILE. But today, I am STOKED to share with you what's been going on with us for the past month. Get hype ladies and gentlemen!


Name: Dont Blink Photography

What's your career?: We are both currently college students studying excercise science, engineering, and Spanish. Photography is also a huge portion of what we do from taking classes to just shooting and editing.

What's your passion in life?: Our passion in life is to be able to capture memories for people that will last a lifetime and have fun doing it.

What did you want to be growing up?: Victor: I have always wanted to be an engineer. Playing with LEGO’s and being brought up by engineering parents, I never thought of too much more than to build something amazing to make the world a better place.

Autumn: I loved everything art and teaching related but soon realized classrooms for a large portion of my life wasn’t ideal for me.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?: We would love to be known for creating images for people to see and just “wow”. Bringing photography to another level and showing things that people haven’t seen is something we strive for and hope to be able do.

What's your favorite natural setting?: We love nature in general. Anything that allows us to be in a natural setting like backpacking, landscapes, or just showing the beauty of what is already there is our favorite.

What's your favorite animal?: Victor: Mine is definitely a snake. I love the intricacy that surrounds their design and look. It also blows me away at how resilient they are.

Autumn: I love elephants. They are known to be extremely intelligent and have memories that span many years. The fact that they form tight family bonds with one another and the herd is often lead by the oldest and largest female is amazing to me.

It's a Saturday morning and you're about to have a lit day. What do you wear?: Victor: I definitely find myself trying to go with form fitting clothing with loose layers on top. Leather boots generally find their way onto my feet and you might see me with the occasional hat on. Top it off with a crystal necklace and I’m ready to go.

Autumn: I’m a big fan of anything black when it comes to what’s in my closet. I have a love for my converse high-tops, weather I pair it with my skinny jeans or leggings, you’ll almost always catch them on my feet. When it comes to tops I’m a huge fan of layers, usually because I’m always cold. Lately I’ve become obsessed with my black jean jacket on top of my soft cotton tees or tanks.

What are your thoughts on Panda Brand?: We absolutely love that Panda Brand is made from the earth for the earth. In that, making clothing out of bamboo sounds amazing and feels even better. Also, the ideals that the brand carries with them as they support other great organizations makes it a no brainer.

Short message to your audience. : We hope you like what we are about and what we have to offer. We have an immense passion for photography and hope that whether you want to just see awesome images or are looking to remember something in your life forever you will check us out and see what we can do for you.


These are some of the sick shots done by Don't Blink Photography over the last month.

                                             photo credit:  Matthew Luskin

                                             photo credit: Matthew Luskin

A research expedition tracked endangered tigers through the Sumatran jungles for a year and found tigers are clinging to survival in low density populations. The study found that well-protected forests are disappearing and are increasingly fragmented: Of the habitat tigers rely on in Sumatra, 17 percent was deforested between 2000 to 2012 alone. Their findings have renewed fears about the possible extinction of the elusive predators.



Think of all the plastic that has gone into your bottled water. The plastic in disposable water bottles can be recycled, but there is currently no standardized deposit system. South Australia has acknowledged this issue and has made it easy for people to recycle their water bottles along with their can and bottle returns. Call your local representative today and urge them to push deposits on water bottles!

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